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We would like to welcome you to the Mochiron Team! metus. We would like to welcome you to the Mochiron Team!

Who We Are

Our strong history in sourcing authentic Japanese and oriental ingredients, and creating exceptional products has earned us our current reputation. We’re proud of it, and are keen to share our produce, expertise and enthusiasm with you.
In Japan, we have the concept of Sampo-Yoshi. This is the idea that a business should not only be good for the buyer and the seller, but also for society too. This philosophy has been, and will always be, at the heart of our business. It’s important to us to give back and respond to the needs of our ever-changing society.
With more than 30 years’ experience bringing authentic Asian ingredients to the UK market is helping you bring oriental cuisines and real taste to customers.
We consider addressing global warming and other environmental issues one of our top priorities. We pay great attention to preventing pollution in the areas we work in, encouraging environmental conservation, and maintaining a sustainable supply chain.

Our Partners